About Me

Tatianna: The Blogger behind La New Fork

Well hello there, and welcome to my food blog!

My name is Tatianna and I am a 23 year old foodie who lives to create yummy recipes and who just so happens to have a lot of food sensitivities. I’m so genuinely happy that you have decided to follow alongas I share my passion for food and creation.

While there are a lot of foods that I can’t eat, I absolutely never feel limited by this. For me, food sensitivities does not mean a sacrifice of flavor or deliciousness. In fact, since discovering my food sensitivities, I’ve actually enjoyed eating more than I ever have in my whole life. By eating a diet filled with more fruits, vegetables, proteins, and healthy fats, I have in a certain way “renewed” my palate, and experienced food in a whole new way. I now love eating vegetables. In fact, they may be my favorite part of my meal!

Since changing the way I eat, I literally feel like I am eating from a “new” fork, hence the name la new fork. My hope is for you is to try delicious, fun, soul nurturing recipes that will change the way you experience food, for the better! So thank you for joining along in my journey, and most importantly, bon appétit!


A Little More About Me:

Where I’m from:

I was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and adore Minnesota with all my heart. It’s a lovely place, that has a lot more to it than horribly freezing winters. There’s beautiful parks, lakes, tons of outdoor activities, interesting cultural events, and of course, delicious food!

My second home away from home, is France. France has and always will, hold such a special place in my heart. It’s where I’ve done so much self growth, and really learned who I am. When I speak French, I’m my happiest. Even the simplest conversation in French will make my day. Not to mention, all of their incredible food and their rich culinary traditions and history. While it’s not a place where it’s très facile to follow a paleo diet, they do really value home cooked meals with local and extremely high quality ingredients. They understand and value homemade food that is good for you.

Food Sensitivities:

For more than 7 years, I suffered from major digestive problems and was so incredibly frustrated. I had gone to doctor after doctor, and none of them seemed to think it was that big of a deal. They didn’t try to specifically figure out what was wrong, they just told me to take Miralax and eat more fiber. But I tried everything and nothing helped. I then stopped getting my period completely, at which point, one of my doctors recommended I see a naturopathic doctor. The naturopathic doctor actually tried to understand the source of my digestive problems, and ran a bunch of tests. I won’t get into all of the details here, but the main takeaway is that he ran a food sensitivity blood test, which looks at the antibodies your body produces when in contact with over 200 different foods. My test results came back, and I had A LOT of very high sensitivities. At first I was completely overwhelmed by all of the foods I could no longer eat: gluten, dairy, rice, oats, corn, peanuts, and even more. I felt completely lost and never thought I would be able to go without eating all of the staple foods that I had grown up eating. However, I was desperate to feel better, and went all in. I completely dedicated myself to following all of the doctor’s instructions, and within a few months, I was feeling amazing. I had fixed problems I didn’t even know I had. And a lot of this, I contribute to the very balanced and healthy diet I was eating. It was then that I really fell in love with cooking healthy meals, and decided to create my blog.

Body Positivity:

Body Positivity is something I consider as very very important, and would like to share with my followers. It’s important to me because the way I eat is not about losing weight, or my physical appearance. It is truly about how I feel, period.

When I first began eating basically Paleo, I lost a lot of weight, to the point where I was almost under weight. For about a year and a half, I maintained this new weight, and became obsessed with eating healthy and being thin. I found all of my identity in this and was terribly unhappy.

Then, I studied abroad in France, the capital of wine, cheese, and bread, and I started to question my diet. I wondered, was eating this way really helping my health problems? Or was I just doing so because the doctor told me to? Because I was feeling better, I thought I could go back to eating how I did before. So while I was abroad, I ate a lot of things I had previously cut out of my diet, and I felt sick for months, but I kind of  denied/ ignored it until I got back home.

When I got back home, I knew I had to go back to eating a more balanced diet, and almost immediately, I saw a huge difference in my health. I was no longer congested all of the time, inflammation in my joints went down, I had more energy, less headaches, better digestion, less stomach aches, and was even in a better mood. It was then that I really realized how important it was for me to respect my food sensitivities- because I knew how much better I felt.

Now, I did gain a considerable amount of weight when I went abroad and introduced gluten, dairy, and whatever else my heart desired back into my diet, which was incredibly difficult for me. I thought maybe by going back to eating well, I would lose the weight, but I never did. For a long time, this really bothered me, and I felt horrible in my own skin. I didn’t recognize myself and felt very unworthy, because I was so used to identifying as thin and getting my self worth out of that. However, with a lot of self reflection and growth, I’ve come to a point where I accept and love myself for who I am unconditionally. So no, I do not eat this way to lose weight or maintain a certain physical appearance, because I recognize I am so much more than what I look like. But I do, on the other hand, eat a healthy balanced diet, because it makes me feel incredible, and allows me to live my best life.

I hope with all my heart that if you don’t already love and accept yourself, that you learn to, and that maybe I can help you a little along the way. I find that the more I love and accept myself, the more I respect myself, and want to live in a way where I feel my best, which includes eating a healthy diet, but also treating myself  too.